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Healing doesn't imply that you’re broken and need fixing. Sometimes healing looks like…

  • Releasing old patterns, self-limiting beliefs and habits that no longer serve you so you can achieve your higher calling and purpose

  • Rediscovering and re-membering who you truly are outside of the expectations of others like family, peers, career

  • Understanding that your past traumas do not have to define your present reality”

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All In My

Healing is the journey back home to yourself...

At 30 years old, finally out of my parent's household. I was ecstatic for a new independence. 

Not long after, I felt a disconnection from myself.  I later came to learn that I was finally re-membering who I was but it didn’t come easy when I realized...


It took me 20+ years to understand and accept that that ONE event was in fact, a very traumatic one. I told myself that because I didn’t develop any mental illnesses like depression, PTSD, anxiety etc. that I was fine. I was still able to have a “normal life,” do well enough in school, have normal friendships and relationships, have hobbies, go on to graduate college, get a career. EVERYTHING WAS FINE.


Until 2020 happened and I no longer became consumed with busy work, hanging out with friends, numbing with alcohol, going on vacations. 2020 took away all the distractions that kept me from feeling my feelings. And when I finally felt them, it hurt…a lot.


It hurt because I hadn’t realized how greatly it affected my relationships, especially the one with my parents. After that event, I grew up never feeling like I could be my true authentic self around them, like I had something to hide…because I did. I hadn’t realized how it kept me in toxic self-sabotaging patterns, self-limiting beliefs that didn’t serve me.


So I felt my feelings, and then I sought help. I knew what I was experiencing was bigger than my partner and my friendships could handle, it wasn’t their job to, anyways. And because I did, is how I’m able to share all of this with you today.

Does this sound familiar? If you’re looking for...

  • Yourself, your North Star to re-member who you are

  • Help uncovering the blockages that prevent you from living your most aligned & authentic life

  • Support, guidance and accountability as you move through the phases & transitions of healing

Then the ALL IN My Healings Coaching partnership is where you can find it! Let’s go all in together! 

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In this 3 month partnership, you can expect...

Safe Space - None of what I do can begin without this as the foundation. Knowing you’re in a confidential, safe space allows you open up to vulnerability and explore topics you may never get to otherwise talk about with family, friends or partners.


 Active Listening - Holding space means intently listening to my client, not just listening to respond. Our time together is for you.


Grounding Meditation - Necessary before we start our session for both of us to show up and be 100%


Goal Setting - The point of us working together! You’ve got some goals, let’s journey through them!


Accountability - I hold you accountable to ensure you’re doing your best to take the steps towards the goals you set for yourself & hold you through ebbs and flows of journeying to that goal.


Celebrating Wins - Acknowledging wins in all shapes and sizes, big or small allows you to practice and have compassion for yourself.

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