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Glecie Caballero

Helping you heal blockages that prevent you from being your most aligned and authentic self through Holistic Coaching and Reiki.


My name is Glecie (pronounced Gleh-see). My pronouns are she/her/siya. I’m a daughter of Filipinx immigrants who settled on Raymatush Ohlone AKA San Francisco.

In Her Healings was created when I learned to turn my pain into power. In 2020, they told us to stay inside and I went INSIDE. Social distancing allowed me the time and space to remember who I truly was outside of the noise of my family, friends and career. 


This innerwork journey led me to Reiki & Energy Medicine which challenged my perceptions of what healing people actually looks like. As a Registered Nurse by profession, working at a Surgery Center, it became clear that for a lot of my patients, the physical ailments they were experiencing was years of unresolved traumas and accumulated stress now showing up within their bodies. I soon felt misaligned, felt I wasn’t able to best serve my patients knowing what I knew.  


Then, the Divine led me to The Nurse Coach Collective, a program that is leading nurses into a healthcare revolution where we empower the people we serve to heal from the inside out by taking a whole-person approach to health and healing rather than quick fixes.


The combination of Reiki and Holistic Coaching compliments each other in how I’m able to best serve those I work with. Reiki helps release the energetic blockages that you carry in your mind, body and spirit allowing you to heal. Coaching allows us to dive deeper in identifying how these blockages may be showing up in your life. Through a safe space, powerful questions that challenge your perception as well as the support and accountability, you too can turn your pain into power.

My Story


  • Dominican University of California, Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

    • Registered Nurse - California

  • Reiki Practitioner l & ll -  Usui Shiki Ryoho 

    • Reiki Master Teacher, Britt Yap, Holomua Healing Arts

  • The Nurse Coach Collective

    • Holistic Coaching

*however, it should also be noted that she is not a medical doctor, she does not diagnose or prescribe medication or guarantee an outcome and that everyone who works with her is participating at their own will and knows this is a complimentary healing  

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Japanese form of energy healing where a Reiki practitioner channels source/universal life force energy of unconditional love through their hands to deliver healing. Reiki is an energetic massage similar to how a massage therapist massages over tension-filled areas in your body, but also on a mental, emotional spiritual level.

After my session, I immediately felt lighter, more positive and happy. I gave it time and at least a week to pass and every day I felt more and more at ease and at peace. I continue to feel light, and less anxious and tense than I was prior to the session.

Michelle - Garden Grove, CA

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